Queue Buster: Between the Flags

Tutch helped one of Austalia’s leading beach and lifestyle apparel retailers convert sales faster during the busiest trading week of the year. Replacing one POS with three Queue Buster stations eliminated intimidating check out lines and increased customer basket size by 14%.


Increase on previous year sales


Per hour increase in peak transaction rate


Increase in basket size


Between the Flags struggled to optimise every sale during its busiest trading weeks of the year, between Christmas and New Year. Crowds overwhelmed the small store footprint with long lines around POS often deterring others from shopping. Customers were being lost because queues kept staff at the POS stations, reducing customer service and merchandising of the full range of products.


Between the Flags removed one of its traditional POS stations and replaced it with three Queue Buster stations. The Queue Buster stations allowed customers to self serve and take control of their journey giving them access to product information, product in stock and self-checkout.


By removing the POS station and introducing Queue Busters the business automatically saved thousands of dollars annually and the store experienced a 14% increase in customer basket size with revenue per customer up 60-70% during the busiest trading week of the year. Queues were minimised, transactions were faster and staff had more time to focus on customer service and merchandising improved with the additional floor space.

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