Endless Aisle:
The Australian Sheepskin Boot Co-op

Tutch made offering a range of 45+ styles of boots possible in a small storefront. With samples in store and shipping direct from supplier, the premium sheepskin boot brand increased gross profit by 64% while reducing stock holding.


Increase on sales in 6 weeks






International tourists were driving the demand for Australian wool products, but especially sheepskin boots. The boots were very bulky to display, stock and merchandise, making it difficult for staff to keep track of all sizes and styles in store. Luggage restrictions also deterred some customers from buying more to take home.


By installing interactive touchscreens with Endless Aisle functionality, customers were able to browse a range of over 30 styles of sheepskin boot in less than 2 metres of wall space. Customers had full access to the digital catalogue and where able to order and ship product directly to their homes, anywhere around the world. Stock on hand was also reduced as the system connected directly to suppliers so orders were placed directly based on demand, reducing the need for in-store stock.


The Endless Aisle solution and functionality provided customers with more control over their shopping experience and a full view of the product range regardless of the store’s physical footprint. Merchandising greatly improved with the store being less cluttered with reduced stock on hand and a streamlined system in place with suppliers.

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