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Technology highlights

Enterprise design scalability and security

Web application

Utilising Progressive Web applications, Google’s Angular 9 & Iconic we create a native user experience catering for all platforms & operating systems.

Hosted architecture

The platform is hosted in the Microsoft Azure cloud in the Sydney Region within an auto-scaled environment.


Backups and redundancy implemented across the Azure platform, creating multi regional redundancies for data and pipeline​.

Web services

Backend is built using Microsoft .NET Core maintaining a microservices design to our flexible API Services Framework.

Data and Security

SSL is used to enable safe transmission of sensitive data between platform endpoints encapsulating our entire platform within a Microsoft Azure B2C security environment. ​Data is safely stored within a virtual private network preventing any unauthorised access.

We are confident that the reviewed software architecture meets the needs of Tutch with respect to scalability, resilience & data security.

The use of microservices early on in the product development life-cycle has well positioned the system for handling future growth.

Their use is not only an enabler for scalability and increased system resilience but also an enabler for good organisational culture.

Microservices opens the way for autonomous teams which can have long term benefits for the business as it grows.

– Independently reviewed by Everest Engineering, CEO Craig Brown

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