Smart digital signage

Engage, inform, excite.

Smart digital signage lets you schedule the right information at the right time, every time. A customisable and scalable solution, Tutch makes it easier to manage a complex system of time-sensitive customer messages. From daily offers to national announcements, digital signage offers your business a quick and easy alternative to traditional in-store print materials.

How it works

Schedule, change and modify.

Signage and messaging moves with your business. Leverage trends and consumer data to create more targeted and relevant in-store marketing campaigns. Coordinate changes easily on a mobile app and make edits in minutes.

Product Highlights

Focus and measure promotions

Increase compliance and leverage customer data to strategically present targeted offers and messaging.

Automate your in-store marketing

Our solution makes it easier for staff to manage signage in multiple locations, keeping the message and promotions in sync.

Minimise environmental impact

Reduce production of printed materials for short term or one-time-only promotions.

Technology & Security

  • Utilising Progressive Web applications, Google’s Angular 9 and Iconic we create a native user experience enabling Tutch to cater for all platforms and operating systems.

  • Tutch backend is built using Microsoft .NET Core maintaining a microservices design to our flexible API Services Framework.

  • The Tutch platform is hosted in the Microsoft Azure cloud in the Sydney Region within an auto scaled environment.

  • Backups and redundancy have been implemented across the Azure platform, creating multi regional redundancies for data and pipeline.

  • Tutch uses SSL to enable safe transmission of sensitive data between platform endpoints encapsulating our entire platform within a Microsoft Azure B2C security environment.

    Data is safely stored within a virtual private network preventing any unauthorised access. 

Flexible and fast.

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